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Low-Light Indoor Plants You Can Decorate With!

It can be hard to flaunt your green thumb when your trying to add a bit of greenery around the house. One of the key ingredients to a budding plant is sunlight, but, when you’re trying to spruce up the indoors with a bit of the outdoors, you’ll need some beauties that can grow with a low-light option. Then your pride and joy can be sprinkled around your home adding life and breath to any nook. Here’s a list of low-light indoor plants that will give you some great ideas!

A bit of lucky bamboo can make for a fantastic accent in any room of the house. It will compliment a casual, relaxing and Asian-inspired zones with ease and simplicity.

English ivy will not only improve the air quality inside your home but create a lush and interesting focal point in any corner its placed in. We love its voluminous look and spirit.

Bold and a bit modern with its sharper style, this plant looks great in foyers, guest rooms and even inside the home office. It has a more powerful look than English Ivy so its a great choice when you want to make a statement.

Tall and used to create a beautiful, soft focal point, lady palm plants are a great springtime addition, especially if you live by the ocean or in a sunlit setting. But the best part is, these don’t need an abundance of sunlight to survive!

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