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Formal Factory Turned Into A Colorful Office And Showroom

The place you work in has a major impact on your personal life. For example, working in an office can be both challenging and exhausting, so, in order to survive this daily routine, it’s important to stay fresh and inspired. Beside that, you should be aware of certain details that are meant to make your life easier if you work in such a place. People say if you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. I think that you have more chances to love what you do if you work in a proper environment.So get ready, because you’re about to see an office you’ll never get tired of working in.

Megabudka architects turned an old factory in the middle of Moscow in a delightful and artistic workplace and showroom. The place is designed and organized in such a way you could easily forget you have any other things to do but work. Actually I think this is one of the few places where “work” doesn’t sound so bad.

A clever contrast has been created by combining wood paneled walls, inducing warmth and a natural touch, with polished concrete floors. Also, we could say this entire space has the shape of a labyrinth, and promotes the idea of creating modular structures. Many block-figures with various functions are interconnected at a different height, thus creating a complex and elegant interior design.

The multitude of colors used aim to inspire and are meant to create a relaxing atmosphere. A futuristic look is added by placing modern office chairs here and there. The 3D textured wall panels have also an important meaning regarding this aspect. They create a dramatic look that completes the entire structure. Another important feature is the floor to ceiling library, located in one of the working areas.

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