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Creating a Home Library that’s Smart And Pretty

Home libraries of the past have a reputation of being dark, dank, dusty places where leather and low lighting abounds. This isn’t the case today. Home libraries are a beautiful and functional way to display books in a way that makes them as easily accessible as they are aesthetic.

This is great news for the masses, because now we can stylishly create a home library space (large or small) that is both smart AND pretty.And that combination makes everyone happy.{found on dwell}.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves stuffed with books are delightful things for most of us. The truth is, nearly any wall that could benefit from a large piece of art or a focal point will benefit from wall-covering built-in bookshelves. This is good news for the modern home library: it doesn’t have to be its own room, but can be equally at home as a wall in the living room or even dining room.

This strategy turns what could potentially be an overload of random objects into orderly and bright décor. We especially like the white bookshelves with this strategy, because it sets off the colors and keeps everything feeling and looking fresh.

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book in a comfy chair or sprawling out on the sofa, so it makes perfect sense to incorporate great seating into your home library. Because they might be seen as “competing” with the book spines, we typically recommend going solid-neutral on your home library furniture upholstery.

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