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5 Ways To Decorate Your Closet Doors

Give your closets a quick face lift. Instead of just a door, dress them up a bit. Even if the inside of your closets are nice, neat and organize, why not give them a bit of style from the outside too? Believe it or not, you can adorn those doors or even do something a little different to create some fashion before you step foot inside.

Whether it’s curtains or long pieces of leftover fabric, using them to redecorate will completely change the look and feel of the room the closet is in. Replace the boring doors with flowy fabrics and it will instantly create a more ethereal, romantic setting. And depending on the print and color of the curtains, you can emphasize the room’s theme, change it or add more style to it!

Have fun and grab some wallpaper. Instead of replacing the doors to make it less dull, try using wallpaper (or even several different pieces) to cover the closet door. Make it pop or blend by covering up the plain door. It’s easy too, anyone can do it! You don’t even have to do the entire closet door, you can just cover a part or piece to give it some oomph.

Get your hands dirty and paint the doors! You can even use stencils if you’re super crafty and good with paint to create some designs. If you’re in a neutral room try a great color out on just the door. If you’re in a bold room, make it even bolder with a self-painted closet door. Just remember you don’t have to leave this part of the room out when you’re redecorating. Chalkboard paint is great the kiddos rooms too, they can have fun writing to-do lists, notes to friends … the possibilities are endless.{found on designdazzle}.

A quick and easy way to add style to your closet doors is to change out the door knobs and handles. There are so many playful handles you can find that will create more fashion and personality. They don’t even have to match, especially in a more eclectic room or space of the house. And it’s probably the least expensive way to redecorate!

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