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5 Beautiful & Inspiring Outdoor Firepits

Transform your backyard into a space of solace, retreat, luxury and relaxation. From gorgeous, inground pools to waterfalls there are a variety of fabulous ways to style the backyard to create something quite special and magical. One of our favorite additions to your outside fun are firepits. Roast marshmallows, chat with friends during those crisp, fall evenings or allow the kids to have friends over during the summertime for a fun sleepover!

Whatever the celebration or activity, a firepit can add to the experience and make your outside as enjoyable as the inside. Here are 10 outdoor firepits that we find beautiful and inspiring, grab some ideas!

This small and quaint, wood-burning firepit fits nicely beside this gorgeous pool. The setting is such that you can have the fire going as you swim in the evenings or just enjoy a sit by the warmth throughout the entire year. It also blends with the rest of the foundation for a clean and easy look.

Here’s a bit more of a rustic vibe. Organic terrain and a larger pit centered in the back yard with chairs to enjoy. This is a great way to utilize your backyard without spending too much money or too much time fussing. We love how this family kept the organic nature throughout the entire scene by using simple, wooden chairs as well.

Gas infused with a chic and clean scheme, we love the simple lines of the design. We also love the plush bench waiting for guests to fill. This is a great way to fill an empty spot in the backyard or complement an outdoor kitchen module or patio you may already have.

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